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Now serving Buffalo and Western New York!

Mark Richards DJ Entertainment has delivered on hundreds of parties throughout New York State. This is now my 3rd decade hosting events. How did we last for so long? Experience and dedication. Our shows are upbeat and fun. We play a great mix of music. We do things “your way.” We have “all kinds” of music from Oldies to today’s top hits. Please take a few moments and check us out. Ya know, with today’s technology, you’ll find mp3 players and laptop computers that play music into little speakers up on sticks. Well, you will not find that here. Our equipment is state of the art. We do our shows the way music was meant to be played and “fun” does not begin to describe it! You’ll feel the difference.

Please call me with ANY questions:

(315) 404-6918. E-mail: markrichardsdj@gmail.com

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